Why Dr. Pratt?

Bill Pratt has been a physician and orthopedic surgeon for 50 years. Surgeons, like other practical people, see problems, investigate problems, find the cause of the problem and then treat the problem. Treating symptoms is not enough. Often the cause of a problem or disease and its best treatment is not obvious. In those situations it is important to keep an open mind, test various theories, learn from others and provide the best management possible.

We in Albuquerque and New Mexico have serious problems. The symptoms of the problems are all around us and get a lot of attention from politicians, journalists, activists and other commentators.

There are drug overdoses, too many school drop outs, too many teen pregnancies, too much diabetes, too many in jail and many other symptoms of a disordered society.

Dr. Bill Pratt asks that you vote for him to represent you in the New Mexico House of Representatives. A new, independent point of view is needed to look beyond symptoms.