“To deliver the kind of safe, healthy and prosperous community that we deserve”…”we must commit ourselves to the much more difficult, generational challenge of attacking the root causes of crime and making early, more cost-effective investments in long-term public safety”. Raul Torrez, Bernalillo County District Attorney 11/12/ 2017 Albuquerque Journal

ACEs Adverse Childhood Experiences include:
down arrow 1. Psychological Abuse, 2. Sexual Abuse, 3. Physical Abuse,
4. Dysfunctional family system, 5. Parent “walked out”
6. Home with caregiver with mental illness or suicide attempt
7. Parent with substance use disorders, 8. Violence against mother
9. Incarcerated parent
left arrow Interventions: Understanding brain development, parent coaching, home visits, community support,
Toxic Stress:
down arrow 1. Weakens structures of developing brain.
2. Impairs development of neural connections.
3. Reduces areas of brain dedicated to higher-order skills
4. Learning, behavior, memory formation affected
5. Physical and mental health reduced
left arrow Interventions: Special education, remedial education, foster care, family counseling, health care,
High Risk Behaviors:
down arrow

Substance Use, Misdemeanors, Crime

left arrow

Interventions: Drug courts, Psychotherapy, Prison, Project Adobe

Chronic Health Problems
Repeat Criminal Justice Events
Wasted Lives. Irrational Loss. Community Failure

William B.Pratt MD
This chart was modified from a handout by Andrew Hsi, MD