Customers Create Jobs

More customers with more money create more jobs. Higher wages create more customers with more money who create more jobs. Higher value products and higher value services allow higher wages and salaries.

Early childhood intervention for "at risk" children and families will create more motivated employees and business people who, then, will have the skills to create high value products and services. The in store prices of products and services which reflect the true, often hidden, costs of production will often be higher than the in store prices of products which have had their production costs subsidized by the public. Hidden, public (externalized) costs of production are "private profit and public expense".

Watch a talk by Nick Hanauer about whether the rich are job creators

Some Answers:

  • Identify externalized production costs and tax accordingly.
  • Retail prices should reflect the true costs of production.
  • Higher legal minimum wage will be helpful.
  • Labor unions allow collective bargaining.