Changing Climate

Private profit and public expense from one generation to another. We have and will have larger wild fires, super storms, record floods, giant typhoons, longer droughts and devastating tornadoes in the USA and around the world. These will cause economic and personal losses here and political disturbances in other parts of the world For over 100 years coal, oil and gas have fueled the industries which have provided the goods and services that we enjoy and at relatively low monetary costs.

Until recently, most of us were not aware of the true costs of our use of coal , oil and gas. The true cost of these fossil fuels was hidden since we did not see their "green house" gases accumulating in our atmosphere. Warming average temperatures are causing the increase in erratic weather patterns with their increased costs. To deal with these economic and personal costs we need short term and long term adjustments. Short term measures include more disaster preparation, plan for higher food costs and fair management of forests and rivers.

Longer term measures include building codes that promote energy efficiency, more efficient vehicles, convenient public transportation, more rapid shift from "fossil" fuels to renewable energy sources, "smart" electrical grids and more localized food production. Additional government resources will be needed to pay for the environmental and social damage from the changing climate. "Energy hogs", those who use more than their fair share of energy resources, should compensate the rest of the community with high use taxes. We should recognize that the older people in our community have benefited greatly from our profligate use of coal. oil and gas. The clean up legacy is being left to younger generations.