Patients Before Profit

Health Is Important

Better Health

Poorer Health

  • Prevention improves health
  • Good personal behaviors improve health
  • Good city planning improves health
  • More education improves health
  • Living wages improve health
  • Poor personal behavior damages health
  • Poverty damages health
  • Family stress damages health
  • Violence damages health

Medical Care Is Important

We will all benefit when we all have access to quality medical care. Quality medical care depends on quality medical care providers. Inappropriate medical care is expensive and damages medical care. Competent monitoring of medical care improves medical care.

Health Care Insurance

The Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) is a good step toward the goal of having all of us having access to health care without risk of financial ruin.
Segregating patients and doctors into multiple for-profit health care insurance corporations competing for market share is foolish and expensive
Government health care insurance systems are more subject to special interest influence and political interference A Health Security Plan is preferable.